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Good Luck to all of my students tomorrow for AAPPL testing.  Just to be clear, this will not be for a letter grade.  However, you and your student will be able to  find out how he/she ranks on the language proficiency scale.  
Señora Gabby

Fiesta De Navidad

Hola Padres,
We had such an amazing time celebrating together today.  Thank you all so very much for sending you students with money to pay for this event.  We enjoyed Pan Dulce, Pozole, Abuelitas Mexican hot chocolate, Mexican Coke and more.  1st grade even got to hit the Piñata and take home some treats.  I will try to collect my kinder class tomorrow to hit the piñata as well.  Tomorrow I only teach middle school, but I will come grab my elementary classes to sing Spanish Christmas carols to the front office (it was their idea and I caved of course :) I have attached pictures of our fiesta on my picture page.  Please feel free to browse. 
Also, THANK YOU all so very much for the Christmas cards, gift cards, treats and goodies that you have gifted me.  I feel so very loved and appreciated by all of you.  I love and adore my babies (your kids).  It is truly my joy and passion to be able to be with them everyday and to embark wisdom and Spanish into them each and every day as well :)
Best wishes and Happy Christmas,
Señora Gabby

Christmas Parties for Señora Gabby

Hola Padres,


This year, like the last, I will be bringing in/making some Mexican traditional foods. The cost for each student is $5

For Middle School 7/8, I will be making a traditional Mexican dish during Christmas time, Pozole.  And you cant eat pozole without a cold Mexican Coke.  7/8th grade students, will also be traveling from classroom to classroom asking for posada (an inn for shelter) to reenact a century old tradition in Mexico when Mary and Joseph where looking for shelter to birth Jesus.  If you would not like your student to take part in the reenactment please just let me know.  

K-5 Students will be feasting on pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) and Mexican hot chocolate. If your child has an allergy to peanuts please feel free to bring them with their own snack on Thursday, December 19th. 

If you have any questions please email me:

Gracias y Feliz Navidad

Giving Thanks

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children's everyday lives.  I am so grateful to be a teacher and to get to love and teach children.  It is truly my passion and what I knew I was always called to do. 
This week we are still going full steam ahead and learning and enjoying Spanish.  Everyday your student is speaking Spanish.  My 7/8 grade students are truly reaching for the stars.  They haven't quite gotten comfortable with speaking to each other in class, but they write and speak Spanish every single day.  Because they are "super cool kids" I still try to make it fun and they always rise to the challenge.  They make me so proud!
My elementary kids are such a joy.  They are so happy to sing and play along with all of the interactive activities we do everyday.  My kinder squad always responds in Spanish, even if it's just the one word they know how to say.  I love all of their bright and smiling faces.  My 4th, 3rd and 1st grade students really strive for greatness.  They help each other, they challenge each other and they work hard to excel in Spanish.  
My 5th grade team is always working hard.  They are a big group of students who push for greatness as a whole.  They are right in between elementary and middle school and so they have quite a bit of a challenging curriculum, but they always meet me at my expectations.  They are truly an inspiring group of students.   
Parents, please note that we have conferences after break.  Please come meet with me to discuss your brilliant student. I would love to show you all of the wonderful things they are learning in class.
Señora Gabby

End of Trimester

Hello Parents,
Can you believe that the end of the first trimester is upon us? That was fast!
7th/8th Grade Parents: Your student has been given the details for our final.  The final consists of a presentation about their family.  Students will have to create a powerpoint presentation and write about a special memory for each one of their beloved family members.  They can write as simply or as complex as they like, but complexity is encouraged.  Students must have a minimum of 4 members. 
Parents, you are invited to come and watch during our presentations.  However, please ask your student if they are ok with you watching.  I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. Also, please email me if you would like to come and I will send you a time slot. 
5th Grade Parents: Students are creating a poster board presentation about their family.  They are to use a variety of adjectives and verbs to describe their family members. 
3rd/4th Grade Parents: Final: Your student will be identifying and labeling clothes and body parts and presenting them to the class using complete sentences.  They will have a skeleton as their dummy.  
Kinder-1st Final: students will be asked questions to check for comprehension.  All questions will be posted next week. 

Hispanic Heritage Celebration

Hello Parents,
Your students have been working hard on a variety of things.  We are learning about different people of Spanish origins and different cultural festivities that are celebrated in different Spanish speaking countries.  We have also been learning about the geography of where these countries are and how some diversified and unified with other countries.  If you would like to see any of your students work, please walk the halls of WCA, as they are decorated with all of their hard work.  
Middle School: we are still working on our Spanish, as well as learning about all of the above.  We are learning about the differences between Esta and Es.  We are conjugating verbs to make sentences.  Learning the patterns and creating sentences to create understanding and gain confidence.  We are using readers theatre to help with the flow of fluency and to gain more vocabulary.  
K-1st We are singing our way through Spanish and it is so fun and interactive.  We use sign language in most of our songs.  This helps children to not only hear it, but to also combine it with a visual aide.  I'll add that I have created a lot of the songs that we sing and they provide a lot of vocabulary.  We also have a daily activity that we work on that ties into what we are learning about that week/month.  I send work home on Fridays.  
4th and 3rd grade: we are also singing, but also working in our journals daily.  We nearly always use our journals for a quick and repetitive lesson.  The lessons always build off the ones before, so they are easy to follow and understand even if you have missed a few days.  Right now we are working on clothes, family, food, days of the week, animals, halloween fun, body parts, conjugating verbs (4th grade only) and grammar.    
If you have any questions please email me
Señora Gabby 

Calling all Parents

We are in need of some awesome volunteers (you are all awesome)!  Tomorrow are 4pm we will be decorating the inside of the school with all of your students work.  Please just come on in a give a helping hand.  You do not even need to email me.  We will meet at 4pm here inside the foyer area.  
Also, we are in need of some helping hands for our Hispanic Heritage Celebration on October 11th.  Please look at the sign-up genius and fill a slot where you can.  Thank you all so much!
Señora Gabby

Feliz Otoño! Happy Fall

Hello Parents,
We have made it to fall! It feels amazing outside.  
For the next few weeks, your student will be working on a few different things.  However, I want to highlight that they will be working on their performance for  our Hispanic Heritage Day Celebration.  Each class (except Kinder) will perform a song or a reading of their own in front of the school on Friday, October 11th.  You are also invited to see your student as well, but please ask your student beforehand if they will be performing.  Some students have stated they do not want to perform in front of the school and I will respect that.  
Kindie Parents: your students perform before the holiday break and at graduation, so we will save our performances for those times.  
7/8 grade Parents, as always, we are working on our conjugation. We are creating sentences and reciting them orally and doing a lot of other great works.  Your student will be researching and writing about a famous Hispanic or Latino person.  Their work will be showcased at the HHC on October 11th.  
5th grade Parents, we are learning the helping verbs in Spanish and using them to create sentences.  Students have also been learning Spanish adjectives and creating sentences to describe themselves and others.  We sing songs to help with repetition and in all are having a good time. 
3rd and 4th Grade Parents, the students are learning about the articles of clothing, food, and adjectives.  We sing a lot of songs and create a lot of sentences using what we are learning.  We are learning helping verbs in Spanish and it has been a lot of fun for them.  We have used the helping verbs to play class games like guess who, guess me and guess what.
1st and Kinder Parents: we are singing and dancing and making lots of fun drawings with what we are learning.  Students are engaged and speaking in Spanish and that is always exciting to hear and see.  We are learning about food, clothes, animals and our families.  We read books and do a lot of follow up activities that help retain and understand the meanings of Spanish words.  
If you have any questions please feel free to email.
Señora Gabby

Feliz Septiembre

1st-8th Only: we are learning about the country of Mexico.  This week we will be watching some fun videos and doing some fun activities involving the country of Mexico.  I am trying to bring in some clothes, cooking utensils and trinkets from Mexico.  Please feel free to have your child bring in something from Mexico if they want to share.  
Penpal Fridays will be starting this Friday.  Middle Schoolers will be writing to each other (7/8th to 5th).  They will email me and their penpal.  This is part of their participation grade and is simply just a fun way to interact with one another.  Penpal Fridays will take place every other Friday (on the same weeks as our vocabulary tests).  
7/8th grade Parents: We have our first HW assignment and vocabulary test this week.  HW: your student will write a paragraph describing his family using adjectives and giving why he/she chose that adjective.  Your child has already done this using the letters in his/her name and so this should be a fairly easy assignment.  
5th Grade Parents: We have our first HW assignment and vocabulary test this week.  HW: Students are to go home and ask a family member: what 2-3 adjectives best describes you and why (que adjetivos te describen y porque)
4th-3rd we are working on different vocabulary using songs and activities. We will be reading brown bear brown bear in Spanish and creating our own books.  
1st and kinder:  We are working on brown bear brown bear in Spanish, emotions and fun songs to help understand the content.  

Welcome Back

Hi Parents,
This year we are rocking it straight out of the gate!  We wasted no time meeting and greeting, although we did do a little bit of that.  
7/8th grade students are already learning how to speak and write in full sentences.  We conjugate verbs everyday (adding it onto our vocabulary wall). We still watch videos and sing a few songs to make learning more fun, but also repetitive.  This week we already had our first conversational Spanish day.  It was AWESOME! 
5th-4th Grade: We started off learning the basics again: Articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs in Spanish (one day at a time).  I like to get the base down before we move straight into it.  This also helps students in ELA.  We are working on the common phrases in the classroom and those are always readily available for each student in the center of their table.  We have songs we sing and games we play to make learning more fun, but also repetitive.  
2nd-3rd: we are working on learning the common phrases in the classroom.  These are readily available in the center of their table.  We play bingo and matching with it.  We go over them everyday.  We sing songs, we read stories and we do activities that require speaking to our friends in Spanish.  
1st- We are singing, dancing, reading and just having a good time.  We do a lot of activities to make learning fun, but it is always tied into the work we are doing and the students are doing a good job trying to speak/sing in Spanish (whistle while you work:) Right now, we are going over greetings, colors, animals (using brown bear, brown bear), clothing.  It may seem like we are touching a lot of areas, but trust me, they manage well.  
K- I have created an outline for my kinder squad.  We start by singing songs using a felt board with fun characters, shapes, etc. We read a book (we stay on the same book for a week). Then each students is released one by one, with a song we sing (what are you wearing in Spanish) They answer with my help, but some students have already remembered the names :) The entire class sings the song, its super cute.  The students are released and begin working on the activity.  I go around speaking in Spanish to each student about their use of color, their drawing, giving positive praise etc.  We are having a great time!