Welcome to Mr. Mike Stern's Page...I will be teaching MS Social Studies, and Mandarin this year at WCA.

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I am very excited to be entering my second year at WCA. I will be teaching 7th grade history, Mandarin Chinese in grades 5-8. My family and I have spent a total of nineteen years abroad (eleven years in China, four years in Singapore, and four years in South Korea). I have worked as a teacher for sixteen years. I’ve taught AP US and AP World History, 9th Grade intro to World History, US History, East Asian History, Logic and Rhetoric, Economics and Government and Mandarin Chinese.

I love both history (social studies) and Mandarin and love being able to explore these two amazing subjects with my students. History gives us a great lens on our world and how we have arrived at our modern age. Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world and I have yet to find a place where it has not served me well.

My hobbies include mountain biking, enjoying nature, coffee and spending time with my family.