Indoor/Lightning Dismissal

Lightning is a dangerous occurrence that happens frequently in Colorado, and it is something that we take very seriously. When lightning occurs at dismissal time, students will be required to remain in the building until a parent or guardian picks them up. Indoor dismissal may also be necessary at other times (i.e. pouring rain, etc.) During indoor dismissal, the following procedures will be followed:

1. Parents will be notified of an indoor/lightning dismissal as soon as possible via email. We will also post the YELLOW flag at the north side of the school. 
2. You may pick students up beginning at 3:00pm
3. All parents or guardians will need to park and sign-in using their Carpool ID at either the office or the walk-up entrance located at the south gymnasium doors. 
4. You may park along the curb, parking lot, and/or at the church, but you may NOT double park in the pass through car lane and/or park where you impede others from being able to move their cars.

5. Students will be released to the office or gymnasium to meet their parent or guardian. 

Thank you for helping keep our students and staff safe!