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February 19th, 2020
Hello Families!
We are quickly approaching the end of Trimester 2 and the end of February already! I know the parent portal is closed currently but if you have questions about your child having any missing assignments please let me know because I will have to put in a zero for anything not turned in by Friday February 21st. That is the official end of the trimester and I will need time to grade anything turned in. Students have had multiple reminders and opportunities to complete missing work. Please chat with your child about what they have missing as well, they should know because their name would be on the board for study hall.
I wanted to give an update on homework. Fundations and new spelling words will be handed out today. Also our Non-Fiction book reports are due MARCH 9TH!
Currently in writing we are beginning informational writing. Students will be working on researching and writing an informational paper about a new hobby. It will be a 5 paragraph essay. In language arts we are focusing a lot on reading articles and responding and using text evidence. We talked about that the expectation is to always restate the question in the answer when responding and that text evidence is always a must as well. 
Important Upcoming Dates: 
2/20: Chic-Fila Spirit Night/ Spirit Wear Day
2/24: End of 2nd Trimester 
2/25: Mardi Gras Celebration
2/28: Pizza Friday
February 10th, 2020
Hello Families!
Happy 100th day of school! We have officially made it through the first 100 days of the year and now is where the push starts. In the upcoming weeks before CMAS we will be focusing a lot on test taking strategies, pulling information from the text, non-fiction texts, written responses to text with complete sentences restating the question in the answer and writing essays. 
As a reminder when weather is permitting temperature wise we WILL GO OUTSIDE FOR RECESS. If there is snow on the ground you can send your child with snow boots. If it is a formal uniform day please make sure they also bring their formal shoes to change after being outside. It is also important students have proper warm clothes for outside as well. 
Please remember to be logging your child's reading minutes for Read4Funds on the website. We only have two days left to reach our goal and currently we are only at 426 minutes and we are hoping to get 200 minutes per student which equals to 5,200 minutes total for our class. We are also striving for $45 per child as well in donations. Please send in any donations you have by Wednesday so I can collect it all and turn it in. 
I am also assigning another book report. The guidelines are similar except that this time students need to choose a non-fiction book to do their report on. It can be a biography or any other type of nonfiction text. Students also need to choose a different project other than the one the did for the last book report. I will attach the guidelines again for the project. This book report needs to be turned in by Monday March 9th. We do have library tomorrow so please discuss with your child if you want them to pick a book from the library tomorrow when we go to use. If they are unsure I will have them check one out just in case. 
This Thursday is our Valentine's Party. Our party is from 2:30-3:25. We will be decorating bags in class and handing out Valentines. Please bring at least 26 one for each student. Following this email I will send a class list with names. I have attached a signup genius for supplies that will be needed!
Important Upcoming Dates:
2/12: Read4Funds Due
2/13: Valentines Day Party
2/14: No School/Teacher Work day
2/17: No School Presidents Day
2/20: Spirit Day at Chic-Fil-a
2/24: End of Trimester 2
January 28th, 2020
Hello Families,
I cannot believe it is the last week in January already! Time is flying by with all the learning and fun things we have been doing lately!
Last Friday was so much fun for our field trip and Chinese New Year Assembly. The kids had such great attitudes and had tons of fun skating. Thank you to the parents who came and joined us in the fun. Our Mandarin students also rocked their performance during the assembly.
This week we are continuing Vikings during social studies, weather during science, essays in writing and non fiction text in reading. 
Wednesday the 29th is a formal uniform day because we have our assembly for our Read4Funds fundraiser kick-off. Please make sure your child is in formal uniform all the way down to their shoes and socks. 
This Friday is pizza Friday and Cougar Store. 
If you are looking to plan ahead for Valentines Day we have 26 students in our class currently. We will have our Valentines Party on Thursday the 13th in the afternoon since Friday is a teacher work day. More information will be sent out soon!
Important Upcoming Dates:
1/29: Formal Uniform Day/Read4Funds Kick-off assembly
1/31: Pizza Friday/Cougar Store
2/4: Formal Uniform Day
2/7: 100th Day of School
2/13: Valentines Day Celebrations
2/14: No School 
January 22nd, 2020
A couple quick things about the field trip on Friday. First, please make sure that you pack your child a completely disposable lunch including a disposable water bottle. It is far too difficult to keep track of everyone's things and I would hate for any of it to get lost. Second, field trip dress code will be everyday uniforms. 
I know I have had some parents interested in volunteering. I am going to need volunteers to come in and read with students one on one or with small groups. I am mainly hoping for Mondays and Fridays but I would take people everyday. The time I need the volunteers would be from 1:10-2:25. If you are able to fill in any of these times please respond to this email! 
January 21st, 2020
Hello Families,
We have lots of exciting things happening this week. 
In social studies we are starting our Viking quest on Wednesday. Last week we created in groups Viking longships to hang around the room as decoration. 
Friday is our first field trip. I have had lots of questions about chaperones. There will be no official sign up for chaperones because Skate City actually sends buses to pick us up so we do not have room for any extra people. However if you still are interested in coming you can choose to drive yourself and meet us at Skate City. Also we will be back at school in time for the Chinese New Year Celebration. We are getting picked up around 9:15 and will return around 1-1:30. 
Science we are continuing learning about climate and weather and will be exploring more about hot and cold water. 
Language Arts is wrapping up any of our 5 paragraph essays so we can dive into our next topic we will be writing about as well as learning more about non-fiction text this week in reading. 
TOMORROW PTO spirit day at Briccy's Coffee shop. Students are allowed to wear spirit wear. Jeans, athletic pants but the guidelines is it needs to be mainly green or blue in color. 
1/22: SPIRIT WEAR DAY and PTO day at Briccy's 
1/24: Skate City Field Trip and Chinese New Year Celebration (Wear Red)
1/29: Formal Uniform Day/ Read 4 Funds kickoff assembly
1/31: Cougar store/ Pizza Friday
December 9th, 2019
Hello Families,
Two week countdown until break! We will be very busy wrapping things up until break over the next two weeks. 
Our Dibels or fluency/comprehension benchmark for the middle of the year will be completed this week. We also will be completing our MAPs language middle of the year benchmark will be this week Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm. Please avoid having your child absent during this time as best as you can.
Ancient Rome will be wrapped up by presenting our God/Goddess posters students created in class and our end of the unit assessment by the middle of the next week. 
We are continuing our five paragraph essay writing. Students will be working on finishing their drafts this week and then typing their final copy in google classroom next week. 
Book reports need to be turned in by Friday of this week. We will be presenting them next week and then they will be brought home before break.
Our holiday class party will be on Friday December 20th next week which is also a half-day.
Thank you everyone who contributed to the giving bags! As a school we collected so many items for people who are in need. 
Please try to get your child's permission slip for our field trip in January turned in before break. This way it will not get misplaced or forgotten with the craziness of the holidays. :)
Important Upcoming Dates: 
12/9-12/13: Book Reports Due
12/10: Giving Bag Assembly Day
12/20: Class Party/Half-day
December 2nd, 2019
Hello Families!
I hope you all had a relaxing, restful Thanksgiving Break. I know I truly enjoyed all the time I got to spend with Brooklynn and my family. I am not sure how this happened but we are three weeks out from Christmas Break! 
We have a lot of things to accomplish before break. This week we will be MAPS testing for reading on Tuesday and Wednesday in the afternoon during our language arts block. We will be testing MAPS language next week during the same time. 
Homework this week will be a new Fundations packet but no spelling. Please also make sure your child is working on their book report that is due next week. If you need more information on this please refer to my earlier emails or the website. 
The Giving Bags items (information was sent home before Thanksgiving break) for third grade are deodorant and wet wipes. If you are planning on donating please send in these items by Monday December 9th. 
Important Upcoming Dates to Remember:
12/3: Formal Uniform Day/MAPS Reading Testing/Library Day
12/4: MAPS Reading continued
12/9: Giving Bags items due
12/10: Assembling Giving Bags
November 18th, 2019
Hello Families,
This week is our last week before Thanksgiving already! Where has the time gone? 
A few clarifications I wanted to address first for the book report is that the project part is completed at home. They are welcome to bring their book to read to and from school as they have reading time at school and should be reading 20 minutes a night at home for their reading log bingo sheet. Please make sure you look over the options of the reports with your child so they can choose a project and begin to plan for it while they read. Again these will be due the week of December 9th so we will have time to present these before winter break and they can go back home after their presentations. I have added a new tab with important upcoming assignments attached on this page is the guidelines for the book report :)
This week we will be investigating our new science unit water and climate. We are also continuing to really focus on writing our five paragraph essays. Some students may bring these home to work on so they do not fall behind. On Wednesday we will be watching Wonder and completing a compare/contrast between the book and the movie. 
Homework this week is the Fundations packet unit 4 week 2. This trimester homework including Fundations WILL COUNT FOR STUDY HALL. I have discussed this in class and stressed it is important students are practicing these skills at home to support our in class work. This is also important because it is essentially the only homework they get from me other than reading 20 minutes every night which is a school wide expectation. 
There are two special dress days this week for our class. Thursday will be a PJ day because we had a student purchase a coupon from the Cougar Store and Friday is a school wide free dress day for reaching our box top goal for Trimester 1. 
Important Upcoming Dates: 
11/20: Watching Wonder to complete compare/contrast
11/21: PJ Day 
11/22: Free Dress Day/Cougar Essential Award Ceremony
11/25-11/29: No School Thanksgiving Break 
12/9: Book Report Projects Due
November 11th, 2019
Hello Families,
I hope everyone enjoyed their four day weekend. This week we start trimester 2! Report cards will be going out Friday November 15th. 
In writing this week we are continuing planning and editing in preparation of writing our first 5 paragraph essay of the year. This is an expectation for third grade and we are working hard on how to plan and write a well crafted essay. Our topic is "You Should Try It". The students chose an activity they are trying to convince someone to try. 
We will be taking our spelling test tomorrow (Tuesday 11/12). New spelling words and Fundations homework will go home tomorrow as well. Please let me know ASAP if your child does not come home with it so I can get them a new copy. 
Important Upcoming Dates: 
11/13: Papa Johns Spirit Night
11/16: Ms. Burdick's Birthday
11/22: Pizza Friday
11/25-11/29: No School Thanksgiving Break
November 4th, 2019
Hello Families,
I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour yesterday after turning your clocks back. I am excited to get back into a routine after the craziness of last week with the weather and Halloween. Thank you to everyone who donated to our party or came in to volunteer! Also a huge thank you to everyone who donated to our PTO Money Tree gift basket for the fundraiser that happened on Saturday! Cynthia and Judy our room moms were rockstars for planning both the party and the basket and bringing it all together!
This week for homework this week new spelling words will go home tomorrow, the test will be next Tuesday after our four day weekend. There is NO Fundations or Second Step homework. 
We will take our spelling test for the 11/5 list on Wednesday as I will be out tomorrow for a training. 
This week I will be sending out a "Book Report" project that will be worked on both at school and home that will be due before winter break. More details will be sent out by the end of the week!
Wednesday this week is our "Prospective Family Showcase" from 6-8pm. On this evening, don't forget to also stop by the Book Fair which will be open until 8 pm as well. 
Important Upcoming Dates
Wednesday November 6th- FORMAL UNIFORM DAY (in place of the first Tuesday of the month)
Wednesday November 6th- Prospective Family Showcase 6-8pm (Third Grade theme "The Cozy Cafe Presents: Third Grade Thoughts"
Thursday November 7th- End of Trimester 1
Friday November 8th- No School/Teacher Work Day
Monday November 11th- No School/Veterans Day
Please email me for any questions or concerns!
October 27th, 2019
Hello Families,
I can not believe we are into our last week of October! This week we will have our Halloween party and school wide costume parade. Our classroom party will be from 1:45-2:45 on Thursday and the parade will be from 2:45 until 3:15ish after I plan on doing a small Halloween activity afterwards if you choose to take your child after the parade that is totally fine! :)
We are also approaching the end of the trimester. I will be entering a lot of grades into the gradebook throughout the week. The end of the trimester is November 7th. 
These next few weeks we will be focusing on writing strong 5 paragraph persuasive essays. We will be walking through all the steps together including planning and then crafting each paragraph. This is a very crucial skill we will be practicing throughout the remainder of the year.
We will be beginning to wrap up our science until so we can move forward with our next unit. We will also be wrapping up folktales, fairytales and morals. 
Important Upcoming Dates:
10/31: Halloween- Party 1:45-2:45; Parade-2:45-3:15
11/2: PTO Fall Festival
11/5: Formal Uniform Day
11/6: Perspective Family Showcase (Formally known as Taste of World Compass)
11/7: End of Trimester 1
11/11: NO SCHOOL 
October 20th, 2019
Hello Families,
I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Fall Break. I enjoyed a lot of quality time with Brooklynn. 
Please check your email for a message from Cindy Windles for a sign up for our Halloween party as this is quickly approaching! 
This week we in Social Studies we will take our assessment on World Rivers. Science we will be completing an investigation and completing a lab report on the investigation. In Language Arts we will be starting new book club books. 
For homework this week a Fundations sheet will go home tomorrow (Monday) and spelling words will go home Monday as well and the test will still be given on Tuesday the following week. 
Important Upcoming Dates:
10/22: Spirit Night at Chipotle (4-8pm)
10/25: Cougar Store/Pizza Friday
10/31: Halloween Party/Parade
October 7th, 2019
Good morning Families!
This is the start of our final week before fall break. I hope you all enjoyed to nicer weather before we could possibly get our first snow of the year on Thursday! With cold weather approaching please keep in mind as long as it is within the temperature range of being warm enough to go outside students will be going outside for recess. If you would like your child to wear water proof shoes such as boots that is fine but if they have PE that week please also make sure they have tennis shoes. 
This week in language arts we will be wrapping up the current book we are on for book club. We will also continuing on learning about morals of stories, folktales, fables and fairytales. Science we are focusing on motion and matter and will be doing an investigation this week. Social studies we will begin wrapping up our learning on world rivers. 
For homework this week I will send a Fundations packet home today as well as a Second Step sheet. There will be no spelling words sent home but will continue the week after fall break. 
FRIDAY 10/11: Hispanic Heritage Celebration
10/14-10/18:  Fall Break
September 30th, 2019
Good morning families,
I hope you had a wonderful weekend other than the windy weather. We have two weeks left until fall break already and tomorrow it will be October! Where has the time gone?!
This week in language arts we are continuing our book club groups and will be focusing on classic tales including going into depth about fairytales, folktales and fables. Science we will be learning more about forces and motions and prepping for our investigation on forces and motions. Social studies we are continuing to focus on World Rivers. 
Today going home for homework will be their new Fundations packet. Please reach out for any clarifications you may need throughout the week. New spelling words will go home tomorrow and the spelling test for last weeks words will be given tomorrow. 
Please remember tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month so it is a formal uniform day. Wednesday is also our official student count day for our school funding so it is a spirit wear day! Spirit wear day attire includes jeans or athletic bottoms and school appropriate tops preferably green or blue since those are our school colors. 
Important Upcoming Dates:  
10/1: Formal Uniform Day
10/2: Count Day/Spirit Wear Day
10/3: Picture Retake Day
10/14-10/18: Fall Break- NO SCHOOL
September 22nd, 2019
Hello Families,
I was happy to see many of you again for conferences last week. I hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. I know I used my extra time to spend time with my daughter and catch up on work. 
This week will be our second spelling test on Tuesday. The new words are on the website if ever can not find the spelling list. I will send the new words home on Tuesday. Monday a new Fundations packet will go home as well as a Second Step homework. 
We will begin a new Social Studies Unit based on World Rivers. In science we are continuing to learn about magnets and forces. Language Arts we will focus on classic tales. Writing we will be working on editing and developing more of our opinion writing piece based off the the book A Fine, Fine School. 
Upcoming Important Events: 
Friday September 27: Pizza Friday and Cougar Store
Please feel free to reach out with any questions!
Have a great week.
September 8th, 2019
Good evening families,
I apologize this is getting to you all so late! I got so caught up in everything else with my busy weekend but I wanted to make sure I got an email out to you all for the week ahead!
I wanted to first thank you all for your patience and understand with the dismissal on Friday. Administration was trying to make the best decision to keep everyone including students, staff and parents safe. You all are great and we appreciate you all!
Next, I wanted to clarify the homework questions. This week I will be sending home a "Fundations" packet which is our curriculum to help with foundational skills for both reading and spelling. I sent the informational letter home two weeks ago and this will be the first week the homework piece comes home. The packet will come home tomorrow and be due Friday the 13th. A "Second Step" home link will also go home tomorrow and needs to be turned in by Friday the 13th as well. Second Step does not go home every week but I will always include in the email when to be expecting one. The reading bingo log should also be completed every school night which means your child should be reading (either to themselves, with you or a sibling or read to someone) for 20 minutes each night. Other then these three pieces specifically I will not send home any other homework other then work that is not finished in class including a cursive packet which is morning work or an option of something to work on if they finish other assignments early. They may have math homework depending on their math class but that is their math teachers decision. I hope this clarifies any questions you may have. 
This week we will be beginning to implement Fundations, learn how to work on our "menus" for language arts workshop, work on our first science investigation with magnets, and wrapping up our seven continents and oceans of the world unit with an assessment later in the week. 
I have also created the signup genius for conferences that I will send out tomorrow morning at 10:15 after I drop the students off at foreign language. I want to make sure everyone has the chance to sign up for the time that works best for them. 
Important upcoming dates:
September 16th-19th: parent teacher conference week
September 17th: Spirit Wear Day and Spirit Night at Cold Stone
September 19th: Early Release Day
September 20th: No School/Teacher Professional Development Day
Have a wonderful evening. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns!
September 4th, 2019
Hello Families,
We now have our new monthly school wide reading bingo sheets. They are going home tonight they are on a blue sheet in a sheet protector. Students should be reading 20 minutes EVERY school night. If there are activities that prevent this please make up for this over the weekend. The reading bingo sheets have 20 squares for the month so how every you want to work that in please try to fill out the entire bingo sheet by September 30th. Each square will require a signature and a date that your child read for the 20 minutes. 
Please send this back every day as I will pull a bingo number daily and if your child already has that square filled in they will receive a stamp on the square and if they get four or five stamps in a row for a bingo they choose a prize from the treasure box. If they fill out the entire log by the end of the month students will get to put a gumball on the gumball machine in the hallway that helps us to earn a school wide prize for the trimester. They also can earn a 3rd grade prize for filling out the entire log. 
Please email me with any questions or concerns!
September 2nd, 2019
Hello Families!
I hope you all enjoyed and got some rest over the long weekend. I spent the weekend with my family and outdoors enjoying the hot weather. 
First reminder is that tomorrow is the first Tuesday of the month which means it is formal uniform day. Please make sure students are dressed in their formal uniform with their white shirt, ties for boys, shirts tucked in unless it is the rounded collar for the girls, with black or brown dress shoes (no tennis shoes!)
 We will be wrapping up our testing for the beginning of third grade with our CoGAT testing. I had sent an email about this test out at the beginning of the year. Please make sure to read the information and reach out with any questions you may have.
Our first week of study hall/Friday fun seemed to go smoothly. As a reminder third grade will get a weekly packet for language arts homework for Fundations, as well as Second Step homework and in addition students should be working on any work they did not complete in class throughout the week before study hall on Friday. Homework will go home Monday and need to be turned in by Friday to not be counted as late. 
This week we will begin learning from our Fundations program as well as starting centers in language arts. We will continue working on stoplight paragraphs and forming these into writing our opinion pieces for writing. In science we are focusing on magnets and the force of gravity. Social studies we are continuing focus on the 7 continents and oceans of the world.
Third grade is now grouped for math for the time being. Be sure to subscribe to your child's math teachers' website page to be in the loop as far as any important information for math class. 
Last but not least parent/teacher conferences will be held the week of September 16th. I will be creating a sign up genius to briefly meet with parents to conference about the data that was collected with the beginning of the year testing and any goals or concerns we have for the student for the year. This sign up should go out by the end of the week. Please also note Thursday of that week (September 19th) is a half day of school and Friday (September 20th) we will not have school at all. I also cannot schedule conferences the 20th because I have a district training that is mandatory to attend. 
Please reach out with any other concerns you may have! I am looking forward to the week ahead with everyone :)
Enjoy the remainder of your evening!
August 25, 2019
Good Evening Families,
We are looking at our second full week of school. This week will be the start of implementing all of our curriculum we will be using throughout the year. Be on the look out for information from our social/emotional and language arts curriculum going home on Monday as well as our first homework of the year in addition to any work they do not complete in class. 
I am also looking for any parents who want to take a box or two of books to level for our classroom library at home. I have a directions sheet printed and can send it home with your child this week if you are available to help just email me and let me know! :)
Here are this week's reminders and important information:
  • We will be MAPs testing for reading Monday and Tuesday (1-2:30pm) of this week. If you have not sent in headphones please send them with your child ASAP!
  • Thursday and Friday will be MAPs testing for language (9-10am). 
  • Monday begins our first day in math groups which means your child may be going to another teacher for math. They will all find out tomorrow morning where they are going. :)
  • Please refer to the specials schedule from last week's email or on my webpage to check what specials your child will have for this upcoming week.
  • Tuesday will be our first day to visit the library for the year.
  • Every first Tuesday of the month will be a formal uniform day for the remainder of the year. Please remember dress code for formal uniform includes dress shoes for both boys and girls. No tennis shoes. Also all students must tuck in their shirt UNLESS it is a rounded collar girls shirt which may be worn untucked. 
  • Friday you will be able to view our virtual back to school night videos! Be sure to watch for any important information for third grade, foreign language or specials. 
If you have any other questions please contact me throughout the week!
Have a great rest of your evening.
August 18, 2019
Dear Families,
I hope you have had a great weekend! I have been resting up and making sure that I am ready for the first full week! I will always send out a weekly update on Sundays, but if you ever miss an update or need to look back for a date or event, I will also post the same information on our class website. Be sure to subscribe! Information about what we are doing in each subject will also be posted on my website. Again, I try to update everything by Sunday evening. 
Here are this week's reminders and important information for the upcoming week:
  • Specials and foreign language begin tomorrow. Students will be going to specials with their foreign language classes this year to avoid losing time transitioning back to homerooms or alternative groups. Here is the specials schedule for the whole year, so that you can see where your kiddos will be. Please be sure to send your student in gym shoes if they have PE (shoes can also be placed in their backpacks, and I will allow them to change before they head out).
Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 2.47.15 PM.png
  • This Thursday, August 22, is Fall Picture Day. Students will get individual pictures taken. You may choose formal or informal uniform. Flyers will be sent home tomorrow!
  • This Thursday and Friday from 8:30-10:00, students will be completing their first math MAP assessment of the year. This will provide me with data that I need to accurately place students in the appropriate math groups. Please encourage your student to do their best on this assessment, so that they are placed in their best-fit group. Please make sure that your child has headphones at school by Thursday!
Feel free to contact me anytime throughout the week if you have questions about what is happening in class! 
I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend, and I look forward to seeing the kiddos tomorrow morning!