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Kendra Ackerman: biography

Hello!  Welcome to 6th grade Language Arts. My name is Kendra Ackerman, and I'm happy to begin my first year at WCA.  I come from another district in which I taught high school English for 18 years.  Teaching still excites me; I enjoy the enthusiasm and curiosity of younger students. Each day, something fun and funny happens in our classroom, and I cannot wait to meet your students and watch them grow. 
My passions include reading, music, hiking, and jogging.  My husband of 18 years is a violinist and a computer programmer, and our son is a third grader who loves science, the outdoors, and anything mechanical.  
This year, I am part time, so I'll be at school from 7:30-12:15 p.m.  Please contact me via email:  



8:00-8:16 7th grade Homeroom in Room 214

8:20-9:05 MWF:5th/6th grade Newspaper  TR: plan 

9:09-10:19 6th grade ELA

10:23-11:33 6th grade ELA


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