Mrs. Moreau's Math

February 23:
Trimester 2 comes to a close on Monday, February 24.  Trimester 3 begins on Tuesday, February 25, and all students have a shiny A and no missing assignments!
This week I will have math support group on Tuesday AND Thursday.  Please allow your student to attend if they need more assistance on any concepts we are covering, this is an opportunity for them to get reinforcement and/or begin homework with support to make sure they have fully grasped what we are working on.  Contact me at with any questions.
Math Vocabulary word(s) of the week:  Surface Area - the sum of the areas of the faces and curved surfaces of a solid figure
Upcoming important dates:
February 24 - End of Trimester 2/Elective Fair
February 25 - Mardi Gras - students may wear solid yellow, gold, green or purple and beads, no masks
February 25 - Math Support Group 3:45-4:15 - any student who would like extra assistance in math may come to my room from 3:45-4:15.  Students must to stay in their homeroom until all-call then be picked up from the front of the building promptly at 4:15.
February 27 - Thursday Schedule - All Students who do not have missing assignments, D or F in any class or a behavioral report get an extra recess!
February 27 - Math Support Group 3:45-4:15
February 28 - Black History Month Assembly - homerooms make presentations
February 28 - Middle School Dance - Spring Fling
March 2-6 - Read Across America Week
          Monday - Holiday Day - Dress up with your favorite holiday's attire
          Tuesday - Disney Day - Dress up as your favorite Disney Character
          Wednesday - Hawaiian Day
          Thursday - Decade Day (5th grade wears 50s attire, 6th grade wears 60s attire, 7th grade wears 70s attire, 8th grade
                   wears 80s attire)
          Friday - 8th grade wears High School Colors, 5th-7th is Free Dress
March 11 - Middle School Trimester 2 Awards Assembly
March 12-22 - Spring Break
March 24-26 - Middle School CMAS - ELA & Math
Daily Schedule:
10:23-11:33 7th Acc
12:17-1:27 7th Math
1:31-2:41 6th Math
2:45-3:30 Study Skills
Friday only
2:45-3:30 Advisement