Teresa Hamilton » Preschool and Pre-K Lead Teacher

Preschool and Pre-K Lead Teacher

Greetings! It is a joy and a privilege to teach Preschool and Pre-K!  I have been a teacher for more years than I want to admit, but I will tell you, I was teaching when we still used carbon copies :0  I have been a full time teacher of young children since 2017, and I love it!  Previously, I taught Sixth grade in DCSD and worked as a Substitute there prior to that.  My background is in Elementary Education with a few side trails into Musikgarten and crafting.  With a Bachelor's in Music Therapy, I pull Music and Movement into all of my teaching.  It gives energy to the lessons and to the participants.  
I believe that learning is both fun and life-giving.  Kids naturally learn when they are encouraged and praised, and I hold the expectation that they will always try their best!  Education works best when it is hands on, meaningful and spiraled.  Our curriculum supports all of these important ideas, while revisiting and reinforcing the academic and social goals.  
I am blessed with a wonderful husband, four amazing children and three beautiful grandchildren!  In my free time I garden, read or fellowship with church friends.  I teach Sunday School and a Bible study at my church.  I love song birds, horses and dogs!  Out of the mouths of children, He has perfected praise! 
I look forward to walking through this year with you,
Teresa Hamilton