Welcome to the 5th Dimension:
Where AWESOME Happens!

The 5th Dimension is a place where students and teachers are known and appreciated.  Mutual trust and respect create an extraordinary community where learners explore new ideas, take risks, and embrace personal growth.




We are very excited for this school year here in the 5th Dimension!  This page is where you will find all general information regarding the 5th grade. For content area specifics, please visit our personal staff pages. 


Valentine’s Day

We will be taking a low-key approach to Valentine’s Day this year. 

We will allot some time at the end of the day on Thursday, Feb. 13

(no school on the 14)

  • Students are welcome to bring Valentines to share as long as they bring enough for groups of people: For example: Valentines for all the girls/boys, for the entire grade (79 kids), or for an entire single homeroom.  
  • If you only want to give a few select cards, please do so after school.  
  • We also ask that no food/candy be given. Little trinkets are great: pencils, erasers, stickers etc. 

    Thank you! 


1000th Day Celebration

We will reschedule the 1000th Day celebration for Monday, February 10.
If you planned on providing snacks, please send them in on Monday. 

Thank you! 



2019-2020 Schedule
8:00 Homeroom
8:20 Electives
9:09 Core Period 3
10:20 Snack/Recess
10:40 Core Period 4
11:55 Core Period 5
1:05 Lunch/Recess
1:50 Foreign Language
2:45 Writing
3:30 Dismissal