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Grading Scale

Second Grade Grading Scale:

In second grade we move to a traditional grading scale consisting of later grades A-F.  Your child will be graded in the following areas:


        This grade is based on our guided reading program with the students.  The students will receive 2 separate grades

  • Fluency is the speed and accuracy in which your child reads. 
  • Phonics is the ability to blend and sound out words, understand and recognize spelling patterns and letter sounds. 


Reading/Literacy: There are 4 categories of grades

  • literature comprehension (understanding Fiction)
  • informational text comprehension (understanding Non Fiction)
  • vocabulary
  • literary response (writing to a prompt about literacy or stories)
Writing has 6 categories
  • spelling
  • grammar/mechanics
  • opinion. (why they like one thing over another)
  • informative (giving facts)
  • narrative (telling a story)
  • literary response (writing to a prompt)
Math will have one category for each chapter.
  • earth science,
  • physical science,
  • life science
  • literary response
Social Studies
  • historical knowledge,
  • geographical knowledge
  • literary response
Homework grades are calculated into the grammar and math grades and will be given on a participation basis.


If you have any questions regarding your child's final report card, please contact me for further clarification.