Dance Elective

Dance Virtual Learning
Please go to my Google Classroom for all your assignments.
Your dances will be graded during class as you show them to me in a google hangout sessions. 

Pending Projects:

Each grade will have a different project 3rd Trimester.

5th Grade T3 Word silhouettes: Research Dance Genre

6th Grade T3 Teaching Dance Stretch

7th Grade: T3 Dance Decades

8th Grade: T3 Teach Dance Move/Handouts

Trimester 2
5 & 6 Graders Music Selections
Christmas song: I Want an Alien for Christmas by: Fountains of Wayne
Today's music: Fire by: Gavin DeGraw
Theater song: You're the One That I Want by: John Travolta & Olivia Newton John: starting 12/9
7 & 8 Graders Music Selections
Christmas music: The Christmas Sing-Along by Pentatonix
Country song: Tequila by Dan + Shay
Theater song: Arabian Nights by:Will Smith


Each grade will have a different project 2nd Trimester.

5th Grade T2  Posters: Research Dance Genre . Assigned: Due:

6th Grade T2 Playbill . Assigned: Due:

7th Grade: T2  3 Dances: Color and Research 3 facts about 3 dances . Assigned: Due:

8th Grade T2 Match the Pose: Find a Pose online, mimic the pose Assigned: Due:

5th & 6th Grade Class Dances: Trimester 1, please view the amazing dances our students learned this trimester. 
7th & 8th Grade Class Dance: Trimester 1, please view the amazing dances our students learned this trimester






Participation Requirements:
All Students must dress out in shorts/leggings and a shirt that can and will be tucked in.  Every student will also need to have on socks and tennis shoes.
  • 5 & 6 graders may arrive at school dressed for this class, they MUST have their school uniform in a bag with them when arrive in class.
  • 7 & 8 graders will need to change clothes prior to this class, but will not need to change back into their uniforms to go home.