Child Development Elective

Child Development Virtual Learning
Please go to my Google Classroom for all your assignments and tests. 
Our lectures will be in google hangout sessions. Please accept the invites I have sent you. 
You will still get WCA First Aid and Babysitting Certification. 


Course Description

Early Childhood Development is a single trimester class elective. This class focuses on many aspects of child development.  Students will come out of this course with a better understanding of the effort it takes to care for a child and understanding of what a child needs at different ages.

Course Outline

  • Developmental Phases of a Child
  • Child Development Activities: Learn to create age appropriate activities and other projects
  • CPR (You must be present all of the days this is offered to get certified)
  • First Aid
  • Babysitting tips and good practices
  • On-site Practicals (in lower elementary grade classrooms)
Tests, Quizzes and Class Participation