School Lunch

DCSD Nutrition Services
Beginning with the 2020/21 school year, WCA has made the decision to switch to Douglas County School District (DCSD) Nutrition Services for our school lunch program. DCSD Nutrition Services will offer lunches at a lower cost to families and will comply with all school sanitation guidelines. Students are always welcome to bring their own lunch from home, but if you or your student prefer, you may choose to purchase a DCSD lunch instead. At this time, WCA is not offering a breakfast program. For any questions related to school lunch, please call DCSD Nutrition Services at 303-387-0320.
In order for students to participate in the DCSD lunch program, parents must first create a lunch payment account for each student on MySchoolBucks (MSB). You will need to know your student(s) six-digit DCSD Student Number, which can be found in your Infinite Campus parent account in the upper left corner next to the student picture. The account must be preloaded with money (a credit card is required). Once their lunch payment account set-up is complete, students may purchase a DCSD lunch on any school day. (You do not pre-order meals through DCSD Nutrition Services.) It is helpful if students know their six-digit DCSD Student Number, but if they don't know it, we can look it up. If you encounter a problem while setting up your MySchoolBucks account, please call DCSD Nutrition Services at 303-387-0320 or email Paula Wilson.
You may also contact MySchoolBucks directly by calling 855-832-5226 from 7am - 7pm Eastern or by email: Find helpful MySchoolBucks videos here
If you are experiencing issues adding money to your student's MSB account, it may be because you are new to DCSD and MySchoolBucks will not "open" your child's account until WCA's first day of school. You may send in checks or cash on the first day of school (to be given to the kitchen staff), or add money later in the day.
Nutrislice App
Download the Nutrislice app to easily view lunch menu items for WCA on any given day. View nutritional information and food allergy warnings and sort the daily menu by food preferences or dietary needs to see what students can eat. You can even rate the menu items to give DCSD Nutrition Services feedback!
Opt-Out for DCSD a la Carte Lunch Items
DCSD provides a number of a la carte lunch options for students to choose. If you’d prefer to NOT allow your student to buy any of those a la carte items, complete the DCSD No Seconds opt-out form  and return to DCSD Nutrition Services (instructions included on the form).
Financial Assistance
DCSD provides lunch assistance (Free and Reduced Lunch or FRL) to interested and qualified WCA K-8 families. To apply, please complete the online DCSD application. The application typically opens mid-July for the next school year. If qualified for lunch assistance, families will be notified by DCSD with a confirmation letter, which must then be given to the WCA Financial Coordinator, Heidi Bohrer.
    • Interested families must apply for lunch assistance every school year, even if previously qualified.
    • For questions about DCSD’s Free and Reduced Lunch program, please contact Susan Babineau at DCSD Nutrition Services.
$3.25/meal for lunch
Limited al a carte options will be available; prices shown on the DCSD online menu