Core Knowledge

World Compass Academy employs the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence to guide and direct the content taught at each grade level. The Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence is designed to be:


The Core Knowledge Sequence is predicated on the realization that what children are able to learn at any given moment depends on what they already know – and, equally important, that what they know is a function of previous experience and teaching.


Core Knowledge provides a clear outline of content to be learned grade by grade so that knowledge, language, and skills build cumulatively from year to year. This sequential building of knowledge not only helps ensure that children enter each new grade ready to learn, it also helps prevent the repetitions and gaps that so often characterize current education.


By clearly specifying important knowledge in language arts, history, geography, math, science, and the fine arts, the Core Knowledge Sequence presents a practical answer to the question, “What do our children need to know?”

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