Foreign Language

Children who learn a second language have improved academic performance, superior problem solving skills, and score higher on standardized tests. Studies also indicate that students who learn a language before the onset of adolescence are more likely to become proficient as compared to those who begin their language studies post-adolescence.
The World Compass Academy Program employs the teaching philosophy of comprehensible input to support foreign language learning.  This means that students should expect 90% or more of foreign language instruction to be immersion in the target language.  
Preschool Program
At World Compass Academy, every Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten student receives 30 minutes of immersion foreign language each class day. Spanish is available.
Kindergarten/1st Grade (New Program Beginning 2021-2022 School Year)
Students will receive 2.5 hours (currently scheduled) of instruction in their foreign language daily.

Elementary School Program
At World Compass Academy, every 2nd-4th student receives 45 minutes daily of foreign language taught immersion style. The lessons taught in the foreign language block support and supplement the Core Knowledge curriculum for each grade. When students begin at World Compass, they will choose a single language track to follow through grade eight. World Compass offers three language track options to its elementary students: 1.) Mandarin Chinese, 2.) French, 3.) Spanish.

Middle School Program
Middle school students (5th-8th) continue their study of a foreign language from elementary.  Students spend 60 minutes (currently scheduled) in foreign language classes and have the opportunity to take an immersion enrichment academic class before school for an additional 40 minutes of language instruction daily.
For more information about our Foreign Language program, please email Foreign Language Lead

Once my child is enrolled at WCA, can he/she switch languages?

1. Once a student accepts enrollment, they may not change their language for the upcoming academic year.

2. Students are allowed to switch languages when moving from Pre-K to Kindergarten. 
3. Should a student have special circumstances resulting in a request for a language track change, the Administration will evaluate such requests on a case by case basis.