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SAC Purpose and Responsibility


The SAC analyzes and discusses the school’s academic performance using test score data as well as input from school staff, parents, community members, district representatives, and other school board representatives. Through this research and discussion the SAC will pinpoint WCA academic strengths and weakness and present their findings to the Governing Board who will use the data to improve academic performance at the school.

Areas of Responsibility

The SAC responsibilities are to:

  • To adopt the Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) with goals and objectives for the improvement of education in the school.

  • To recommend to the principal its priorities for spending school moneys.

  • Gather and provide information to the principal and DAC on the needs or concerns of the school’s community.

  • When a school has been placed on a priority improvement or turnaround plan, the SAC shall advise the principal concerning the preparation of such plan, and submit recommendations concerning the content.

  • Report, at least annually, to the community and the Board of Education, on the educational performance of the school and provide data for the appraisal of such performance.

  • Perform such other duties and responsibilities as may be required by Board policy and comply with Superintendent policies and directives.


The SAC shall discuss at least quarterly:

  • Whether school leadership, personnel, and infrastructure are advancing or impeding implementation of the public school’s performance, improvement, priority improvement, or turnaround plan, whichever is applicable or other progress pertinent to the public schools’ accreditation contract with the Board of Education.

  • Safety issues relative to the school environment.

  • Community concerns and input regarding aforementioned duties and responsibilities.


Responsibilities not held by the SAC include the following examples:

  • Personnel issues, including hiring or evaluation of staff.

  • Individual student discipline issues.

  • Any issue dealing with a specific student, staff member, or parent