I grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I have also lived in West Virginia (college), Georgia, Louisiana, and Colorado. I have been teaching at World Compass Academy since 2016. I love teaching. I coached gymnastics for 25 years and was an elite gymnast myself. I understand what hard work and dedication can do for a student. My husband's name is Phil and we have a daughter, Hallie, who is a Cheerleader at Castle View High School. I also have a Yorkie named Coco. I love spending time outdoors in the mountains or at the beach with my family and friends. I am excited for the school year.

I am the Athletic Director, Marketing Director, Cheerleading Coach (5-8 graders), and Musical Choreographer. I teach Advisement and Middle School Electives. I enjoy working with students and helping them develop a strong sense of worth.


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Some of my favorites include:

Colors: Navy Blue and Gray

Junk Food: Black Licorice and So

ft Pretzels

Drinks: Iced Tea, Starbucks and Diet Coke

Activity: Crafting/Skiing/White Water Rafting/Movies