Dress Code

The purpose of World Compass Academy’s Dress Code policy is to improve the learning environment by All


  • Ensuring clothing is modest and non-offensive.
  • Reducing peer pressure and emphasis on brand name clothing
  • Minimizing health and safety concerns
  • Developing consistency to reduce conflicts and questions of enforcement
  • Promoting a sense of school unity and belonging for all students
  • Differentiate school as a special place




Please note that Dress Code items not specifically covered below but considered inappropriate or contrary to the purpose of the dress code policy are subject to review and interpretation by the administrator and/or Board of Directors.


Dress Code Policy


Formal Uniform Vendors


Educational Outfitters

French Toast


Informal Uniform Vendors


Educational Outfitters

French Toast

Target School Uniforms

Lands' End

Dennis Uniforms


**Any vendor may be used for informal uniform items along as the clothing adheres to the Dress Code Policy above.