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DCSD Media Consent

The Douglas County School District (DCSD) is committed to the safety of our students, as well as respecting the privacy of their families. We also know the importance of celebrating our students' achievements as providing them with engaging learning opportunities, which today often means connecting with the world outside our classroom walls.
Under Board Policy JRA/JRC and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA):
  • DCSD schools and our District may disclose information that is generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy without written consent of the parent/guardian, if the primary purpose is to allow the District or school to include this type of information in certain school publications, such as yearbooks, newsletters, websites, social media, playbills, team rosters or honor rolls.
Additionally, unless indicated by the media consent form, students may:
  • Publish digital or social media online as part of their lesson
  • Participate in interviews, photography, audio or video recordings by our school, District or news media
Parents may choose to opt their student out of the following:
  • MEDIA BLACKOUT: Do NOT publish information about my student, including basic information. This Opt Out is the most restrictive option and therefore results in the automatic opt out of ALL MEDIA LEVELS. This Opt Out restricts our school and the District from releasing any personally identifiable information about a student, including basic details like their name, school, grade and their school photo. As a result, the student will NOT be included in:
    • The yearbook portrait section (this includes their name and school photo)
    • Official class (group) photos
    • Any type of celebratory posts by the school, i.e., the list of students who received any award
  • INSTRUCTIONAL MEDIA: Do NOT all the student to publish digital and/or social media online as part of their lesson. This Opt Out restricts a student from participating in learning opportunities that result in the school or District publishing a student's basic information (like their name, school, grade and their school photo) and class work (writing, drawings, paintings, photography, etc.) This Opt Out still ALLOWS students to work in secured digital environments  As a result, the student will NOT be included in classroom activities which involve publishing of digital/social media online, including:
    • Publicly visible or archived videos, web chats or live streams
    • Podcasts
    • Publishing of scientific/scholarly reports by outside organizations
  • MEDIA COVERAGE: Do NOT allow the student to be interviewed, photographed or recorded by school staff (student journalists do not count), DCSD or news media for coverage of school events or achievement. This Opt Out restricts schools, DCSD and outside media organizations from taking photos or videos of the student or allowing the student to participate in interviews during academic activities. As a result, the student will NOT be included in media coverage, including:
    • Photos or videos taken in the student's academic environment
    • Interviews (audio or video) with representatives from the school, DCSD or outside media
    • **NOTE: there is no expectation of privacy during school assemblies or other large school gatherings, sporting events, off-campus field trips or extra-curricular activities. Privacy cannot be guaranteed in public locations.
To make changes to your students media consent, you will need to print and fill out the Parent/Guardian Media Consent Form and turn into the office or administration.