Birthday Parties and Snacks

Hello everyone:
In accordance with the new state rules around food in the classrooms, please remember that we cannot provide food in the classrooms (self-brought snacks excepted for elementary students in homeroom) other than pre-approved "parties". Approved events include our foreign language celebration days, Halloween, Winter Break parties, Valentine's Day. Outside of these events, food distribution to students at any time during the school day would need administrative approval.
See below:
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Parties and Snacks
Food allergies can be life threatening. At World Compass Academy we will make every effort to protect the students with these allergies while not taking away from traditional childhood celebrations.

Birthday Parties
Students love to celebrate birthdays at school, as it is a memorable time to share with teachers and friends. In an effort to foster a healthy environment, minimize food allergy exposures, and maximize student instructional time, students are not allowed to bring in food items for birthday celebrations.
We suggest the list below as an option for honoring your child on his/her special day:
Donate a book or game to the classroom in honor of your student.
Have your child bring his/her favorite book to share.
Donate a ball or jump rope (new or used) to the classroom for recess.
Send in simple goodie bags for the class with safe items (pencils, stickers, bubbles, etc).
Have your child choose a favorite song or musical piece to sing or play for the class.
Send in supplies and directions for a classroom craft.
Send in something that classmates can sign as a birthday treat (shirt/sweatshirt, tote bag, autograph stuffed animal, pillow case, etc.).
Please keep in mind these additional guidelines:
Birthday parties will be held during the recess period.
No candles or noisemakers are allowed.
If you are planning a party to celebrate your child’s birthday outside of school, please send these invitations through the mail directly to the students’ home. Due to privacy laws, front office personnel and teachers cannot share student addresses or phone numbers.
Parents should coordinate a day to celebrate with their child’s teacher.
Students with summer birthdays are encouraged to celebrate their half birthday

Thanks for your cooperation so that we ensure compliance with the new wellness food policies.