Dear Parents and Students:
  Welcome Back to School for the 2019-2020 school year!
 This year I am  teaching an ELA Supported Class for 7th & 8th grades.  English is my favorite subject and I love classic literature, so I am really looking forward to teaching ELA.  I am also helping out with two study skills classes.  And I will be supporting students in Ms.Dodge's 5th grade math class.  I'm a homeroom teacher as well, for a group of 7th graders.

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8th Grade ELA Feb10-Feb13

This week students will continue reading Wolf Hollow.  We are reading Chapter 10- 14 or so.  Students will write a list of traits about the main characters.  Students will answer comprehension questions on chapters 10 & 11&12   And decide what the main themes are in the book. 

8th Grade ELA Feb 3-Feb 7, 2020.

  This week 8th grade ELA will continue reading, Wolf Hollow.  The students will read chapters #4 & #5 and then write a summary of events.  They will then read chapters #6 & #7.  There will be vocabulary words to learn in chp.#6 & #7. They will also discuss what happened.  Finally students will read Chp#9 and write a paragraph discussing the serious turn of events.  They'll predict what may happen next.  The grammar for this week is direct and indirect objects.

7th Grade ELA Feb10 - Feb 13

Last week we read up to the end of Chapter 10 in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Students did comprehension questions and vocabulary.  Due to the snowday we still need to do the Elements of Fiction for the book.  So we will do that this week. We are also doing Corodinating Conjunctions.  We'll do some more vocabulary word work and discussion of the chapters we read.  

7th Grade ELA Feb 3-Feb 7, 2020.


7th Grade ELA PLANS FEB 3 RD - FEB 7 TH 2020

7th grade will continue reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde this week.  They will read Chps #7,8,&9.

They will be detectives and record all the clues to a murder in the book.  Students will also do vocabulary work. They will write out the elements of fiction for the book so far; plot, setting, conflict characters etc.  They will review Subjects and Predicates and Coordinating Conjunctions.

7th Grade ELA Jan 27 - Jan 31

    This week 7th grade will use the first part of the week to finish up their mid-year writing benchmark.  Then they'll get back to reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.  Students will read information about the author, Robert Louis Stevenson.  They will read about Freud's work in psychotherapy, which had just come out when Stevenson's book was published.  Students will also read  a little about Victorian London, the time period when the novel  was written.  They will also answer comprehension questions. The grammar work this week is on coordinating conjunctives v. conjunctive adverbs.

8th Grade ELA Jan 27 - Jan31

   The students will take the first part of the week to finish writing their mid-year Writing Benchmark Essay.  Then we will return to reading, Wolf Hollow.  We'll read chapter summaries to refresh our memory of the book.  Students will continue reading and answering comprehension questions on each chapter.  Grammar lessons will be about sentence structures; simple, compound and complex.

8th Grade ELA Jan 21 - Jan 24, 2020.

   This week in ELA class the students will do their Winter Writing Benchmark.  They need to read several articles about the ancient Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta.  I'll explain the rubric that will be used to score their essays.  Their assignment is to write an essay about the impact of education and training of young men in ancient Greece. After reading several articles they'll take notes, and plan, draft, revise, and edit their essays.

7th Grade ELA Jan 21- Jan 24, 2020.

    This week during ELA class the students are doing their Winter Writing Benchmark.  They have articles to read about ancient Greece and the city-states of Athens and Sparta.  I will be explaining the rubric that will be used to score their essays. The assignment is to write an essay about the impact of education and training of young men, in ancient Greece.  After reading several articles they'll take notes, and plan, draft, revise and edit their essay. 

7th Gr. Update Jan13-Jan16 2020.

7th Grade ELA Updates for Jan. 13th - Jan.16th, 2020.



January 16- Open Parent Teacher Conferences 1:30-3:30 in gym  and 4:30-6:30 in gym

January 17-Open Parent Teacher Conferences 8:00-10:00 in gym and Prescheduled Parent Teacher Conferences10:00-3:30 (teacher schedule conferences with SOC)




The students need to make corrections on their final draft of a written response, proving the narrator, in The Tell-Tale Heart, is insane.

Then we start a new unit on the book, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Students will work on vocabulary connected to the book and discuss the events in the first three or four chapters. They will start writing character descriptions and a chapter summary. The kids will do some more work on Clauses and Phrases to improve their understanding of the difference between the two.


My Weekly Schedule:

8:00-8:15 Homeroom in Rm 112

8:20-9:05 Study Skills or IEP or ELA Team meetings

9:09-10:19 7th Grade ELA Supported Class

10:20-11:00 My Lunch

11:00--12:00 Math support in Mrs Doge's 5th Grade Math Class

12:00-1:27 Plan Time

1:31-2:41 8th Grade ELA Supported Class

2:45-3:30 Study Skills Class or IEP Meetings or MS Meeitngs

3:30-3:45 Homeroom Dismissal

3:45-4:00 Plan Time