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COVID-19 Guidance

2022-2023 Guidance for DCSD Schools (PreK-12):

  • COVID response will be treated like a routine illness (CDPHE Routine Disease Control).
  • Staff will not require testing for students or staff to return to school after an illness. DCSD is not monitoring testing or vaccination status for students or staff.
  • The state and local health departments ask that people voluntarily cooperate with isolation and quarantine instructions
  • I.E.
    • If you test positive for covid isolate for the first 5 days and until symptoms subside
    • You may return to school if you wear a mask for the remaining 5 days (days 6-10) and are A-symptomatic (Total of 10 days)
  • There is no requirement for staff or students who have been exposed to COVID to stay home and quarantine. However, if they are symptomatic it should be treated like a routine illness (see above).

Douglas County School District will continue with the following illness mitigation measures: air purifiers, ventilation, hand washing, and routine cleaning procedures in schools.