Middle School

Welcome to Middle School! The WCA middle school continues the school’s international focus, with expanded depth and rigor appropriate for older students. WCA takes traditional middle school offerings (including electives, music programs, school sports teams, social activities, and honors classes), and delivers them in a small environment, where every student is known and valued. Research shows that a student’s performance in middle school is a predictor of their high school and postsecondary success. Our Middle School program includes 5th - 8th graders.
Fifth Grade
Fifth grade is a transitional year with one foot in elementary and the other in middle school. They are assigned a homeroom. They are in grade level for lunch and have two recess blocks daily. They participate in mixed grade middle school elective and foreign language classes with sixth grade.

6th Grade/7th Grade/8th Grade
Sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade students follow a traditional middle school model, with a subject specialist teaching each class. There are seven periods offered each day. Students are required to take Math, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Science, and History. In addition, all students participate in a 20 minute intramural sports block after their lunch to allow our older students the chance to move and get fresh air.

Middle School Academic Blocks
Math, English Language Arts, History, and Science are academic block classes. This means students are scheduled for seventy minutes of daily instruction in each subject. Teachers are cognizant to provide students movement breaks.  

Honors Classes
World Compass celebrates academically gifted students and encourages them to reach their highest potential through accelerated classes for math and language arts. Students in honors classes are expected to maintain a minimum grade of 80%. World Compass is able to offer up to a two year acceleration in math, including the high school classes of Algebra I and Geometry. Students may receive high school credit for Geometry. The use of high level texts in English Language Arts, including works by Shakespeare, Stevenson, Twain, and Poe, ensure our accelerated students are exposed to quality challenging content typically introduced to high school students, while still in middle school.

Foreign Language
All students are required to take foreign language. Students may choose from French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish. Foreign language is forty-five minutes daily and all instruction is delivered immersion style.

All 5th-8th grade students take two electives each trimester. Electives alternate on a Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday schedule, so students have one elective class each day. Electives will be offered throughout the year based on enrollment. Click the "Electives" link to the right to view the options.

All middle school students will be assigned a homeroom class. Students will have their homeroom class the first fifteen minutes of each day. On Fridays, student will spend an additional forty-five minutes in their homeroom class. During this time, students will learn about mindsets and goals, values and friendships, thoughts, emotions, decisions, conflict resolution, basic etiquette, financial management, health and hygiene. Students will also participate in team building activities.  

Middle School Sports
World Compass Academy is participating with the Front Range Charter League. Middle school sports are open to grades 6-8. Fifth grade students are welcome to continue to participate in aftercare extracurricular sports. Click HERE for more information.

One to One
We are offering a true 1:1 tech model of differentiated and individualized learning through the use of Chromebooks for each student in the middle school, using the Google Classroom platform.  Chromebooks remain at school.

Cougar Committee
The Cougar Committee is the WCA Student Council. This group of middle school leaders plan and organize middle school events. 

Dress Code
The middle school students follow the school dress code, but are also allowed the privilege of wearing the middle school hoodie designed for the current school year. This hoodie, designed by the middle school student Cougar Committee, may be worn as part of the informal (everyday) uniform. The Cougar Committee will be designing a new hoodie in the fall after school starts. The only hoodie permitted as part of the uniform is the hoodie designed for the current year. Middle school hoodies from previous years are not approved as part of the informal uniform. Hoodies may not be worn in the building during formal uniform days, instead students are encouraged to wear the approved navy sweater that is part of the formal uniform. Effective for the 2018-19 school year, the 5th - 8th grade middle school formal uniform Oxford Shirt and Peter Pan Blouse will be light blue. The plaid will remain the same as elementary.

By focusing on the individual needs of students, World Compass Academy teachers are committed to engaging and inspiring every learner to reach their highest potential. From elite academics and extracurriculars to a compassionate learning environment where every student is known and valued, supported and challenged, come experience everything that makes World Compass Academy Middle School exceptional! Thank you so much for your support of our school.

If you have any questions about our middle school program, please call the school office at 303-814-5200 or email Bethany Merkling, Middle School Director.